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Very pleased with the results of my divorce case! I highly recommend Barry and his team!

Anticipating a difficult road, I was referred to Barry by a friend who had been through a similar experience with an intractable spouse. I retained him after our first consultation–highly impressed by his calm and calming demeanor, his conciliatory attitude toward divorce, and his high level of preparedness and knowledge. His team is super responsive, took all of my concerns with the utmost seriousness, and always my interests first even if he did not agree with me. As a retired NY litigator, now successfully on the other side of my case, I remain ever impressed by Barry’s depth of knowledge of state law, his network of top-notch experts, and his ability to steer a case in to the best position for his client.

I met Mr. Valiente at the Law Office of Barry A. Yablen in 2018. At first, I have to admit, it felt weird that someone so much younger than me would be handling my case. Today, I can say with no hesitation that I could have not found better representation. I usually do not like to recommend anybody, however it is without a doubt that I would recommend Mr. Valiente. He represented me with professionalism and worked tirelessly on my case. Throughout difficult moments in the process, it was clear to me that he was really concerned about my family but especially about my son. Mr. Valiente has a perfect understanding of the emotional and psychological impact someone goes through in a case like mine. Mr. Valiente was approachable at all times, always answered all my questions, calls but specially was there to address my concerns constantly. I was always informed regarding the progress of my case, Mr. Valiente paid attention to every detail of the case. I placed my trust and faith in him and he exceeded my expectations. Jesse, I will forever be grateful to you.

I not only recommend attorney Barry A. Yablen, but I guarantee once you have used his service you too will look no further. He responds in an extremely timely matter. He is a very knowledgeable and trustworthy person. He and his team (Jesse and Martha) do an impeccable job, full of professionalism and accomplishments. I have to admit I was very lucky to find them. There is no other attorney who will work as hard for you. He is a wonderful and a very professional attorney. I could not have been happier. When you are in financial distress and emotionally vulnerable it is difficult to think clearly and make good decisions. That, in addition to not understanding the legal process complicates matters even more. Barry explained the law and outlined the process in clear steps.

Before finding Jesse Valiente, I had spent a lot of money on an attorney who actually made my case worse. Jesse worked with me for two years in getting to a solution and what I wanted as an outcome. He listened to what I wanted, my frustrations, always was attentive to calls, emails, concerns and always made me feel he was on my side. Family law requires someone who shows up for you and truly understands the concerns of big issues and outcomes that concern the things dearest to you. He’s straight forward every step of the way, honest in telling you pros and cons and that’s what I needed. Jesse always made sure to let me know he had my family’s best interest. This is the attorney you need to represent you and your family. You won’t be disappointed.

After suffering with a marginal attorney at the start of my divorce, it was a relief to meet Mr. Yablen. From the moment I met Barry and his staff, I felt sure that my case would not only be resolved, but handled in the most efficient and compassionate manner. Karla, Amir and Jesse, his staff, are great to work with. They explained and supported me throughout this difficult process. Mediation would have been a nightmare if not for Barry’s knowledge and handling of the whole matter. I can not express enough my gratitude to all of them. My future and my son’s is going to be better for my having decided to retain Barry and his staff to take over my divorce.

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